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Gold For The Taking


is designed to help ordinary folks find gold. This book is for  recreational  fossickng and requires no special knowledge of geology or gold. It is not too technical and tells you exactly what to do. An easy, entertaining read.

If you want to take a weekend away, or a day trip, you can come home with gold in your bottle, just like the old timers. Your fossicking may not be as loaded with nuggets as theirs, but it will be gold and it will be yours. You may think that the gold is all gone, but there is still gold out there and it is being replenished in the creeks and rivers every time there is a flood. It can be yours, and it is there for the taking.

Even if you know something about this exciting hobby, you may be surprised at how much is new about recreational fossicking. Have a read and see what you can glean. You might find a ‘nugget’ or two that may enrich your search.

Chapter 1 is packed with encouragement. You can do it whether you are a townie or a country farmer, a student or a scholar. Gold fossicking really is a leisure activity for everyone young, old, or in between.

Chapter 2 tells you what you will need in the way of equipment, and describes how to get your basic gear together for just a few dollars. We have included a checklist to help with the stuff you will need on your gold fossicking trip. Some diggings are in lowland hills, others are in high mountain bush—you need to be prepared to survive in both. We once began to dig in our favourite creek and it snowed. We sure needed our billy and gas bottle that day.

Chapter 3 tells you where the goldfields are in New Zealand, where the public recreational gold-fossicking areas are found, and the legal requirements for fossicking. Mining for gold with Prospectors Licences and Mining Rights is another matter and not within the scope of this book. If that is what you want to do, information on gold mining can be found on the Internet at www.crownminerals.govt.nz

Chapter 4 explains exactly how to pick a spot, how to use a gold pan and sluice box and what to do when no gold shows up. Even experienced fossickers have this problem.

Chapter 5 will tell you about metal detectors, using one to help you pinpoint gold or treasure and where to buy or hire one. This is the updated chapter.

Chapter 6 tells you what to do with your gold once you have found it, how to clean it, how to sell it or make jewellery of it.

Chapter 7 is the story of how we first became infected with gold fever, as well as a few yarns of the old days.

Chapter 8 talks about the gold itself and why down through the ages most people have wanted some of it.

Once you start fossicking for gold you won’t want to stop. Gold is attractive, digging for it is compulsive, and you can sell it for money. Remember, gold is where you find it, sometimes in unexpected places. Happy fossicking.


"Your book was a very comprehensive guide to any amateur or professional prospector looking for a place to start in NZ, very easy reading on the eye and full of useful information. It was an absolute pleasure to see such a forward thinking approach to gold fossicking taken by the Crown there as is often the case in NZ for many things.  I still remeber the prospectors right there which again compared to the UK was a forward thinking approach at the time." —Andrew, 2011.




28minutes of information,
instruction and entertainment 

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The new, 2010 edition of the book is now available—and at the same price.

It has an updated chapter on metal detecting, the coming wave in New Zealand.

The DVD is still a favourite. It shows how to do it and what you can expect.

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A review of Gold For The Taking appeared in Southern Boating and Fishing magazine.

‘Ultimate, practical guide to gold digging’
Hawkes Bay newspaper reviewer Graeme Cass gives ‘Gold for the Taking’ the ultimate accolade.

'I would imagine that most of us dream of having a fistful of gold. How would we get it free? Where would we get it from legally? When we've got it, to whom do we sell it?
‘This then is the ultimate, pracical guide book to find, keep and sell gold honestly.

'Parts of the little book wer published back in 1981 but the revised text, photos and maps make dreams possible. Every aspect is covered, including where to buy tools and how to make a simple sluice.

'There are evocative stories by this Christchurch couple who have been fossicking for 25 years. They cover the legality, where and how to get there with no permit required.

'A friend of mine bought a metal detector and went over mine tailings spread on a road in Victoria, Australia. He was rewareded witha 16-oz nugget on his first day in 1998 and did rather well for the next two years.

'So it's still possible—there's still gold in them thar streams, even in the North Island.’

 Another good review from a Wanganui newspaper.
‘Highly recommended if you have ever had the urge and the patience to make your fortune fossicking for gold.’—Arthur P. Bates


From the “Star”in Southland:
“Sandy and Judy Fairservice’s
Gold for the Taking (Halcyon Press $29.95) is reworked and expanded from Gold in Your Bottle, published more than 20 years ago.

“Anyne thinking that gold fossicking would quickly clear the mortgage would have to be very lucky or have a minuscule loan. However, by following the chapters about gear, where to go, panning, sluicing and using metal detectors, enthusiasts will have enough information to spend many days outdoors.

“The authors obviously have spent a lot of time hunting gold and offer practical advice and caution against rushing in and incurring unnecessary expense.

“As an introduction and practical guide to finding and keeping gold in New Zealand, this is an excellent choice.” — Helen Oldham